Skain (popgenius) wrote in populargenius,

June 8th @ the End!

Hiya, me again. We POPgenuis folks would like to cordially invite each and everyone of you to The End this Sunday, June 8th. We are playing a show that will cause the earth itself to open and spew forth all things rock, (and us). We are playing with Born Empty, Guillotine, and Scatter the Ashes! It is 7 dollars, but if you bring some form of toiletry it is only 5 dollars! I believe that we are opening, so get there early and stay for the glorious metal onslaught. Thanks and see ya there.
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what time? and are baby wipes a toiletry?
The show starts at 7 I believe, and as far as the baby business, ...your guess is as good as mine. If not, then ...uh, I'll just give you 2 bucks. Ce la vis.
"Guillotine" are going after you?!?!?!?!
what kind of crap is that?!
Well, it's a benefit show my lil' snuggle bear, so we will gladly take what we can get. I can't complain, i suppose we are to warm up the audience for the metal which is to follow. THat's all I got.
i'm going to this show. NO MATTA WHAT. so you better be there. and make your presence known to me, so that i may attack you with lov'n.
Yeah, You're not backin' out of this business! I need ya there for support, and to have my back so I don't get beat up.
im not, im not. and ill bring all of ashlee's tampons to give to all the people in need. haha, what a dork!
Wow Matt, that was really uncalled for.

Watch out or I might infect you with "the eye"
oh ya, one more question: is there an age restriction thing? can i bring my little sister? she's tasty i promise.
Nope, there is not an age ...thing. So your sister is welcome to come, as well as grandma too - Although we may rock her face off.