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I Just Wanna Stay In Bed.

Hey...the number of geniuses is slowly rising...soon will be the day when we shall prove our powers of world domin--er...yes. Its great to see more names pop in. so lets get to it.

The show past Saturday (the 25th) at 12th and Porter was a-rousing success. getting in proved to be rather easy. i dont think any of my friend nor i got carded at the door (which wouldnt be an issue for me anyway....oh yeah) so it seemed that underage drinking was promoted. the band just chilled out for a little while, check out eachother's horns and mingling with the patrons. The band took to the stage somewhere around 10PM and started a nice 50 minute long set with some excellent sound behind them. the crowd was a mediocore one. most of them were a totally different group than POP has ever played in front of so it took them a little while to settle in. But once they did, the response was great. The Gator Chomp was in effect but only by 4 of us...still, gotta represent, son. The show was closed with a couple covers that had the crowd totally going. "Where Did I Come From" and "Sir Duke" were my favorites of the show. Otherwise, Bruce Lee helped to promote the new T-shirt and Luke was swarmed by merch hungry concert goers. Homemade Water came on soon after our band hopped off stage and so bid I adue to the Geniuses. Great Show.

So the next show coming up is Friday at a Sports Center (a place obviously frequented by all members of the band) for the final chapter of the Battle Of The Bands they have been participating in. I highly urge everyone to make it out. Ill be there, mos def.

Here is the newsletter to any of you all that missed it. have a glorious wednesday!
Hey everyone!
We'd like to first thank all you peoples who came to the 12th &
Porter show on Saturday (Jan. 25th). The show went very well and our
thanks to Homemade Water for having us. We've got a show in
Murfreesboro coming up! That's right, all you fans in M'boro, like all
you students at MTSU, are going to have a change to check us out THIS
FRIDAY at Sports Planet on the square in M'boro! It's the final round
of the Battle of the Bands so it's a must to attend! Three bands
competed last week and the last three, all winners from previous rounds
- including PG, will compete this Friday for the Grand Prize! We need
lots of fan support and some crazy Gator Chomp action! Well that's it
for now. Get ready for some great shows in February like Blue Sky Court
with Sub Method and Coda, and our Valentine's Day Show at the Cool
Springs Starbucks! We'll keep in touch about those up and coming shows.
Thanks for listening,

Remember to grab your ALL NEW PG t-shirt at the show for only $10! We
have all sorts of cool colors!

YOUR band,

Friday (Jan. 31st) - Sports Planet, on the square in Murfreesboro - PG
on at 10:00 sharp - 18+, only $5.
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