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We Built This City.

Don't You Remember?

Well the Battle of the Bands show at Sports Planet has come and gone and i can say it wasnt the BEST POP GEN show ive ever seen but it wasnt the worst either. They were the first band up so the sound people still didnt have everything straight, but it was decent enough sound. Miles ahead of the Muse anyway...but really...that isnt saying much. They played mostly new material. "Goodbye" was a strong opener and the Gator Chomp was in the hizzey fo shezzey. Finished the set off strong with "Sir Duke" and exited the stage being called "PERFECT GENIUS" by the announcer that was nice. And of course Andrew made yet another referance to his crab (singular) whom he has now named "Laser." I dont know about all STD humor...kind of a crowd killer. But thats ok.
After the show a few of the boys and us fans had a dance party outside where Scott busted out some of the Hottest moves ever witnessed by man. Or was that the most horrid moves....i cant really remember. Either way...great fun. Some new fans were introduced and they even got to perform in front of some Dreamworks Records reps.

And Now...some bad news. The show scheduled for this friday has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts on the part of Blue Sky Court. The good news is it has been RE-Scheduled to Valentines day and all the smae bands are going to participate. I can safely say that Coda and Oliver's Army are Hott bands and hey...Sub-Method....100 15 year old girls cant be wrong. I hope to see you all there.

And another quick plug. All you Genius fans in the Nashville area should make it out to the Features show this Thursday at the Exit/In. they are some great power pop with a little mix of the Kinks and Evlis Costello. Great shit. Hope to see you all there, as well.

Fianlly here is the newsletter to all who dont receive it:
Hey all! We've had some show changes over the next to weeks. So here's
what's going on:

Blue Skyy Court show (that was Friday, Feb. 7th) has been MOVED to
Valentines Day (Friday, 14th)! Many apologies for the sudden change,
but the venue fudged and double-booked Feb 7th. The official line up is
Oliver's Army, Popular Genius, Coda, and Sub Method, also this will be
ALL AGES! Show up around 7:30PM to plot your territory!

Popular Genius will also be playing a special acoustic set on
Valentine's Day at the Starbucks in Cool Springs (across from
Thoroughbred movie theatre). The show will begin at 7PM sharp, and
Popular Genius is proud to be sharing this acoustic show with Born Empty
(who will go on around 8:30PM). This is FREE and all ages, and let me
assure you PG and BE have many lovable V-Day surprises waiting for you,
so you simply MUST attend!

If you are confused, check out for the latest
updates and we'll keep you posted. Thanks for listening,

We are YOUR band,

later, kids!
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