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Popular Genius' Journal
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Popular Genius' LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 8th, 2004
1:25 am

give them a listen!

if you like:
green day
feable weiner
beach boys
elvis costello
and stuff like that
you'll LOVE little triggers!
Friday, July 11th, 2003
9:33 am
Hey Geniuses!
A couple rip-roarin shows are coming up in the next week so i thought i would just mosey on in here and give y'all a holla. The show this saturday is going to be a huge 2 hour long show in the modest theater on top of Bongo Java in nashville, tennessee. I suggest all tha hardcore fans enlist and vow to support good music admist this time when Jennifer Lopez has a mutlimillion dollar record contract....and a diamond encrusted toilet.
anyway. Bongo Java is one of the 234932809 coffee shops located in downtown nashville. this one is right across the street from belmont university. quick directions:
From Interstate 440 get off at the 21st street/Hilsboro Ave. Exit. Stay on the 21st side.
Take a right on Portland Avenue. Continue down it as it curves to the right. Bongo Java is that house looking thing with benches out side of it right next to the gas station.
The show says it starts at 9 but the theater has an 80 seat capicity, so i suggest you get their early and chill out with the band and all the crazy fans. it will be a really great night. the band even mentioned surprises and contests...maybe we'll get some more leftovers of valentines day candies or a chunk of lukes silky lockes?
After all that excitement, just when you are able to catch your breath, there will be ANOTHER PG show the following Thursday at Murfreesboro's The Boro. It might be a drive for some of y'all but this show will prove to be worth it's weight in PIE. Not only is PG going to rock the party with their blantently obscure "jokes" and the best music the south has to offer, but we will have visitors from the north as well. And by the north i mean Chicago. Chi Town! The experience that IS Oh My God! will return to the stage with popular genius to blow all of our minds yet again. I highly recommend them and hope a bunch of Popular Kids can make it out. anyway, have fun and keep truckin!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, June 13th, 2003
1:48 am
Fun for days!
Well the show ruled, thanks to all who were present. Aireline and Coda both ruled to no end, on the reals ya'll. Oh my. I ws informed that somewhere in the 14-16th area, we are playing at Bongo Java for 2 WHOLE HOURS! I didn't know we had that many songs. The show is going to be craz-ay crazy. I let you know more when the time comes. Thanks.
Monday, June 9th, 2003
4:53 pm
Mucho's Thanks
Thank you to everyone who came out last night! It was much fun and I'm glad we got the opportunity to do it. I hope you had as much fun as I did, (that's usually pretty hard - due to my being entertained by any-and everything). Regardless thank you once again. Don't forget to come see our "softer" side when we play at 3rd and Lindsley this week. It will most certainly be a nice n' pretty show. It also promises to be full of action and ninjas with sacks of broken glass tied to their legs! Le sigh see ya soon.
Sunday, June 1st, 2003
1:53 pm
June 8th @ the End!
Hiya, me again. We POPgenuis folks would like to cordially invite each and everyone of you to The End this Sunday, June 8th. We are playing a show that will cause the earth itself to open and spew forth all things rock, (and us). We are playing with Born Empty, Guillotine, and Scatter the Ashes! It is 7 dollars, but if you bring some form of toiletry it is only 5 dollars! I believe that we are opening, so get there early and stay for the glorious metal onslaught. Thanks and see ya there.
Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
4:19 pm
Well, folks the time has come once again. POPular Genius needs you to come by and have a time of it at 12th and Porter, ..(if you are 18 that is). We are playing with Second Saturday, so that makes the show dang spectacular! It is this thusday, and it will also be big time! So do please come, and have a merry 7th of May.
Sunday, April 13th, 2003
9:41 am
popular genius owned missouri last night.
it's no surprise the engineers were not ready, but we still managed a gator chomp, and the math jokes were rampant. the guys were super nice, of course. AND i got a two song dedication! :D

Current Mood: geeky
Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
4:06 pm
For Lack Of A Better Word!
hey everyone!
the cd release party is nearing and excitment is rising...along with my soufflé.
i was actually able to get my baby soft hands on a copy of the new album and let me tell you guys...you are in for a treat...its amazing.
see you all at the show!

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, March 30th, 2003
8:16 am
What you should do for your country...
Hello, this is a call to all (my past resig....sorry). This is the LiveJournal Invitation to come to the POPular Genius CD Release Party!!! It is going to be craz-ay. I'm sure that there is a hook somewhere, and you know what, the show will be no-where on it! It is this coming Thursday night at 7:00. The show costs 5 dollars, or is free if you are in the band (sadly this offer is only open to those who are legally "in" the band. Most of Canada is void from this offer). It is being held at RockeTown. (this is located on 6th, behind Gaylord). There is going to be a whole messa-fun. Plus we are debut-ing our new CD, which just so happens to be wonderful.
I hope to see everyone and there extended families there!

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, February 22nd, 2003
8:36 pm
hi.. i'm amanda. yes, i am new to this community. i was searching away on http://nashvilleunderground.cjb.net/ -- ( no, i'm not advertising.. ) and came across.. none other than.. popular genius! ;D i have yet to see a show because i am a lazy computer bum who spends her day writing and listening to music blaring through headphones. mwahaha.. so... love me everyone.. kay?

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, February 13th, 2003
9:34 am
To my geniuses....HOLLLLLAH!!!!!!!!!!
Last Saturday's show (the 8th) at Bongo Java was a complete sucess! to all those who didnt attend, i pity your poor ungrateful souls. but im just joshin. After piling into the crapped upper room at the Java, Coda played a short set of pretty acoustic stuff that was...pretty. sure. but then the main attraction meandered on stage...The P! Jon Yodis filled in as a guest artist on a few songs. He played some clairnet, some alto sax and ever tossed out a few vocal harmonies. Cheers to him! The on stage banter was plentiful as the cramped area left Luke with little to no dancing room. Poor Andrew got attacked a few times. No mention of Lazer (thank god). Our little Scotty was presented about 43958034958 flaming cupcakes for his impending 21st birthday. The boys sounded great as usual and the audience was very responsive. my favorite song of the show was the totally revamped "September Song" with jon on the clarinet filling out the empty holes, the song sounded very orchestral. it was beautiful. i hope they continue playing it that way.

The past Teusday was Snotty Van PoppyPants' REAL 21st birthday so the band and a few friends took him to Logans to celebrate...and celebrate he did. I never seen a man so drunk...and then the prostitutes arrived and it was total chaos. until the ninjas came. and then it became serious. DEAD serious. shouldve been there, yo.

A double dose of POP Genius is this upcoming Friday...which is everyone's favorite holiday, Februrary the 14th DAY! YES! attend both and prove your merit as a TRUE PG fan, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!

here is the newsletter from our very own newly 21 year old:

> Hello ladies and gents! Just reminding everyone about our magnificent
> Valentine's Day show THIS Friday! That's the 14th for any who is unaware
> what week they are currently experiencing. The show is being held at the
> CoolSprings Starbucks. It starts at 7:00 PM and is free for all ages. Plus
> if that isn't enough, Born Empty (one of our favorite bands) will take the
> stage at 8:30! It is going to be full of surprises and has been guaranteed
> to be fun by none other than Randy Quaid! THE QUAID! Also, if you can't
> attend this wonderful event, be sure to stop by the Blue Skyy Court for
> another stupendous PG experience. The show at Blue SKyy starts at 8:00 and
> is $7 bucks. We are playing with Oliver's Army, Coda, and Submethod.
> We hope to see you on Valentine's Day for a wonderful night of
> and suspense.

have a popular day.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, February 3rd, 2003
3:13 pm
We Built This City.
Don't You Remember?

Well the Battle of the Bands show at Sports Planet has come and gone and i can say it wasnt the BEST POP GEN show ive ever seen but it wasnt the worst either. They were the first band up so the sound people still didnt have everything straight, but it was decent enough sound. Miles ahead of the Muse anyway...but really...that isnt saying much. They played mostly new material. "Goodbye" was a strong opener and the Gator Chomp was in the hizzey fo shezzey. Finished the set off strong with "Sir Duke" and exited the stage being called "PERFECT GENIUS" by the announcer dude...so that was nice. And of course Andrew made yet another referance to his crab (singular) whom he has now named "Laser." I dont know about all STD humor...kind of a crowd killer. But thats ok.
After the show a few of the boys and us fans had a dance party outside where Scott busted out some of the Hottest moves ever witnessed by man. Or was that the most horrid moves....i cant really remember. Either way...great fun. Some new fans were introduced and they even got to perform in front of some Dreamworks Records reps.

And Now...some bad news. The show scheduled for this friday has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts on the part of Blue Sky Court. The good news is it has been RE-Scheduled to Valentines day and all the smae bands are going to participate. I can safely say that Coda and Oliver's Army are Hott bands and hey...Sub-Method....100 15 year old girls cant be wrong. I hope to see you all there.

And another quick plug. All you Genius fans in the Nashville area should make it out to the Features show this Thursday at the Exit/In. they are some great power pop with a little mix of the Kinks and Evlis Costello. Great shit. Hope to see you all there, as well.

Fianlly here is the newsletter to all who dont receive it:
Hey all! We've had some show changes over the next to weeks. So here's
what's going on:

Blue Skyy Court show (that was Friday, Feb. 7th) has been MOVED to
Valentines Day (Friday, 14th)! Many apologies for the sudden change,
but the venue fudged and double-booked Feb 7th. The official line up is
Oliver's Army, Popular Genius, Coda, and Sub Method, also this will be
ALL AGES! Show up around 7:30PM to plot your territory!

Popular Genius will also be playing a special acoustic set on
Valentine's Day at the Starbucks in Cool Springs (across from
Thoroughbred movie theatre). The show will begin at 7PM sharp, and
Popular Genius is proud to be sharing this acoustic show with Born Empty
(who will go on around 8:30PM). This is FREE and all ages, and let me
assure you PG and BE have many lovable V-Day surprises waiting for you,
so you simply MUST attend!

If you are confused, check out www.populargenius.com for the latest
updates and we'll keep you posted. Thanks for listening,

We are YOUR band,

later, kids!

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
11:04 am
I Just Wanna Stay In Bed.
Hey...the number of geniuses is slowly rising...soon will be the day when we shall prove our powers of world domin--er...yes. Its great to see more names pop in. so lets get to it.

The show past Saturday (the 25th) at 12th and Porter was a-rousing success. getting in proved to be rather easy. i dont think any of my friend nor i got carded at the door (which wouldnt be an issue for me anyway....oh yeah) so it seemed that underage drinking was promoted. the band just chilled out for a little while, check out eachother's horns and mingling with the patrons. The band took to the stage somewhere around 10PM and started a nice 50 minute long set with some excellent sound behind them. the crowd was a mediocore one. most of them were a totally different group than POP has ever played in front of so it took them a little while to settle in. But once they did, the response was great. The Gator Chomp was in effect but only by 4 of us...still, gotta represent, son. The show was closed with a couple covers that had the crowd totally going. "Where Did I Come From" and "Sir Duke" were my favorites of the show. Otherwise, Bruce Lee helped to promote the new T-shirt and Luke was swarmed by merch hungry concert goers. Homemade Water came on soon after our band hopped off stage and so bid I adue to the Geniuses. Great Show.

So the next show coming up is Friday at a Sports Center (a place obviously frequented by all members of the band) for the final chapter of the Battle Of The Bands they have been participating in. I highly urge everyone to make it out. Ill be there, mos def.

Here is the newsletter to any of you all that missed it. have a glorious wednesday!
Hey everyone!
We'd like to first thank all you peoples who came to the 12th &
Porter show on Saturday (Jan. 25th). The show went very well and our
thanks to Homemade Water for having us. We've got a show in
Murfreesboro coming up! That's right, all you fans in M'boro, like all
you students at MTSU, are going to have a change to check us out THIS
FRIDAY at Sports Planet on the square in M'boro! It's the final round
of the Battle of the Bands so it's a must to attend! Three bands
competed last week and the last three, all winners from previous rounds
- including PG, will compete this Friday for the Grand Prize! We need
lots of fan support and some crazy Gator Chomp action! Well that's it
for now. Get ready for some great shows in February like Blue Sky Court
with Sub Method and Coda, and our Valentine's Day Show at the Cool
Springs Starbucks! We'll keep in touch about those up and coming shows.
Thanks for listening,

Remember to grab your ALL NEW PG t-shirt at the show for only $10! We
have all sorts of cool colors!

YOUR band,

Friday (Jan. 31st) - Sports Planet, on the square in Murfreesboro - PG
on at 10:00 sharp - 18+, only $5.
Thursday, January 23rd, 2003
4:50 pm
Lets Get This Party Started, Right.
Hello fellow geniuses!
This is a community that has the REAL ultimate power...and no, im not talking about ninjas (although lord knows there'll be some of that). I'm talking about Nashville's greatest hope in the endevor of putting GOOD music back into the world----Popular Genius!
This community will be a ray of hope for all fans looking for Popular Info, Band Interviews, Show Reviews, Concert Photos and just about anything else related to the band that is closest to all of our hearts.
Most importantly, this is YOUR community. So fill it up with the kinda stuff that you like.
Have fun and keep on gator chompin!

Current Mood: accomplished
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