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To my geniuses....HOLLLLLAH!!!!!!!!!!
Last Saturday's show (the 8th) at Bongo Java was a complete sucess! to all those who didnt attend, i pity your poor ungrateful souls. but im just joshin. After piling into the crapped upper room at the Java, Coda played a short set of pretty acoustic stuff that was...pretty. sure. but then the main attraction meandered on stage...The P! Jon Yodis filled in as a guest artist on a few songs. He played some clairnet, some alto sax and ever tossed out a few vocal harmonies. Cheers to him! The on stage banter was plentiful as the cramped area left Luke with little to no dancing room. Poor Andrew got attacked a few times. No mention of Lazer (thank god). Our little Scotty was presented about 43958034958 flaming cupcakes for his impending 21st birthday. The boys sounded great as usual and the audience was very responsive. my favorite song of the show was the totally revamped "September Song" with jon on the clarinet filling out the empty holes, the song sounded very orchestral. it was beautiful. i hope they continue playing it that way.

The past Teusday was Snotty Van PoppyPants' REAL 21st birthday so the band and a few friends took him to Logans to celebrate...and celebrate he did. I never seen a man so drunk...and then the prostitutes arrived and it was total chaos. until the ninjas came. and then it became serious. DEAD serious. shouldve been there, yo.

A double dose of POP Genius is this upcoming Friday...which is everyone's favorite holiday, Februrary the 14th DAY! YES! attend both and prove your merit as a TRUE PG fan, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!

here is the newsletter from our very own newly 21 year old:

> Hello ladies and gents! Just reminding everyone about our magnificent
> Valentine's Day show THIS Friday! That's the 14th for any who is unaware
> what week they are currently experiencing. The show is being held at the
> CoolSprings Starbucks. It starts at 7:00 PM and is free for all ages. Plus
> if that isn't enough, Born Empty (one of our favorite bands) will take the
> stage at 8:30! It is going to be full of surprises and has been guaranteed
> to be fun by none other than Randy Quaid! THE QUAID! Also, if you can't
> attend this wonderful event, be sure to stop by the Blue Skyy Court for
> another stupendous PG experience. The show at Blue SKyy starts at 8:00 and
> is $7 bucks. We are playing with Oliver's Army, Coda, and Submethod.
> We hope to see you on Valentine's Day for a wonderful night of
> and suspense.

have a popular day.
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