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What you should do for your country...

Hello, this is a call to all (my past resig....sorry). This is the LiveJournal Invitation to come to the POPular Genius CD Release Party!!! It is going to be craz-ay. I'm sure that there is a hook somewhere, and you know what, the show will be no-where on it! It is this coming Thursday night at 7:00. The show costs 5 dollars, or is free if you are in the band (sadly this offer is only open to those who are legally "in" the band. Most of Canada is void from this offer). It is being held at RockeTown. (this is located on 6th, behind Gaylord). There is going to be a whole messa-fun. Plus we are debut-ing our new CD, which just so happens to be wonderful.
I hope to see everyone and there extended families there!
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