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Hey Geniuses!

A couple rip-roarin shows are coming up in the next week so i thought i would just mosey on in here and give y'all a holla. The show this saturday is going to be a huge 2 hour long show in the modest theater on top of Bongo Java in nashville, tennessee. I suggest all tha hardcore fans enlist and vow to support good music admist this time when Jennifer Lopez has a mutlimillion dollar record contract....and a diamond encrusted toilet.
anyway. Bongo Java is one of the 234932809 coffee shops located in downtown nashville. this one is right across the street from belmont university. quick directions:
From Interstate 440 get off at the 21st street/Hilsboro Ave. Exit. Stay on the 21st side.
Take a right on Portland Avenue. Continue down it as it curves to the right. Bongo Java is that house looking thing with benches out side of it right next to the gas station.
The show says it starts at 9 but the theater has an 80 seat capicity, so i suggest you get their early and chill out with the band and all the crazy fans. it will be a really great night. the band even mentioned surprises and contests...maybe we'll get some more leftovers of valentines day candies or a chunk of lukes silky lockes?
After all that excitement, just when you are able to catch your breath, there will be ANOTHER PG show the following Thursday at Murfreesboro's The Boro. It might be a drive for some of y'all but this show will prove to be worth it's weight in PIE. Not only is PG going to rock the party with their blantently obscure "jokes" and the best music the south has to offer, but we will have visitors from the north as well. And by the north i mean Chicago. Chi Town! The experience that IS Oh My God! will return to the stage with popular genius to blow all of our minds yet again. I highly recommend them and hope a bunch of Popular Kids can make it out. anyway, have fun and keep truckin!
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