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populargenius's Journal

Popular Genius
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Nashville-based pop/rock act Popular Genius has made a seismic impact on the nation's musical fault lines, and the group's fan base continues to grow!

Popular Genius roll call...
Andrew Bissell on vocals & acoustic guitar, Scott Van Dusen on electric guitar, Luke Easterling on bass, Adam Troxler on sax, flute, accordion, trumpet (the list goes on...), and Ryan Stout on drums.

Colorful and experimental instrumentation has only helped to
refresh Popular Genius' reputation for offering a truly original sound. Not to mention their signature lush background harmonies which reportedly have Brian Wilson blushing with excitement!

"They [Popular Genius] do it all with polish and panache, piling up kicky melodies and smart lyrics like pop music pack rats. Where
does it come from, this casual wunderkindery?"

"One of, if not the only, Nashville band capable of successfully incorporating flute, brass, and even accordion(!), on top of 70's style
popular music, intermingling at the same time with contemporarily witty lyrics. They are an impressive group to behold, however,
strip away the multi-layered satire and bravado, and underneath it all lays an overwhelming amount of excellent songwriting."

Popular Genius' goal is a simple, but convicted: they want to reach as many ears as possible. The band stays optimistic about its
future, and is both grateful and humbled by all the encouragement and help they have received along the way. www.populargenius.com